My life has not exactly been a bed of roses. Like most, I had a blended family of biological parents and a step parent who cared for me and my siblings. I'm a native Floridian and the mother of two handsome sons. Having two sons to raise as a single mother was extremely hard, but instead of giving up I went deep into prayer mode. After holding down several different jobs and living from paycheck to paycheck barely making it. I finally landed a job that paid me enough money where I could save. That was a blessing.

One night while watching the Home Shopping Network, I remembered how my friends that visit my home would compliment my decor...I also knew I had an eye for fashion. It was then that a thought entered my head. I decided to make fashion my niche. In 2009, I found myself one day drawing the image of an anchor. I asked myself... what is my connection to this anchor. I know God is my Anchor and an anchor keeps a ship from being tossed about in a rough sea. The thought was genius for my business name "Anchor Wear By Joanne" In the midst of my challenges in life God has held me down firm.

In 2010, I launched my line "Anchor Wear By Joanne". Today the Anchor Wear brand has an online store and is currently being worn by many customers. I project that Anchor Wear By Joanne will be a household name, and worn internationally. "I've been given this gift from God and I'm going to make full use of it to fulfill my dream of success for my family". There is no reason for Anchor Wear By Joanne to be anything other than a successful business.